Best Friends?

January 16, 2008
Best Friends forever,
You hear it all the time
They say it
Do they mean it?
Does it really work out?
Friends say they’ve become sisters
They say they’ll always remember
They say they’re in each others hearts.
They say their best friends forever.

They end up parting ways
And so it’s a call a month
A call a year
And then no call at all.
They forget each other
Even though they said they wouldn’t
They’re not in each others hearts anymore
They never were
It was all in their head
And what’s their excuse?
“I’ve got better things to do.”

We said we’d be best friends forever
We said we’ve become sisters.
We said we’d always remember
W said we’re in each others hearts
But knowing that friends break up…
How can we be sure?

That poem I wrote a while ago
But now, its been four years.
Four wonderful years since I met you.
I’ve realized a lot in these four years.
Through all our endless phone convos.
Talks about everything.
From the good to the bad.
And our oh so meaningful gifts.
Our long inseparable hugs.

To many, our relationship must be surprising.
We only went to school together for a short time.
One and a half great school years.
But then, we took a split.
We barely saw each other.

But now, after everything we’ve been through.
The fact that we tell each other EVERYTHING.
Every little detail, down to the color the hottie was wearing. 
I’ve realized, we’re different.

We are best friends forever.
We have become sisters.
We will always remember.
We are in each others hearts.
But even thought I know friends break up,
I can be sure.
Because I love you,
And I know you love me.
More than a sister does.
More than anyone can imagine.

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