Biggest Fears

January 13, 2008
The sound of clapping hooves,
Echoing in my ears,
I’m led to my monster,
To my biggest fear.

The monster stares at me,
With eyes as black as night,
Ears pulled back in anger,
My hands shook with fright.

Jen tells me to get on,
I shook my head no,
Fear clawing at me to leave,
But I couldn’t bear to go.

Something pushed me to go on,
To get on that horse’s back,
Maybe I was sick,
Sick of the courage I lack.

I close my eyes tight,
While climbing into the saddle,
My hands tighten over the reigns,
While fighting an inner battle.

Soon as the monster walks,
Fear releasing me,
I soon realized,
Fear was my real enemy.

Six and a half years later,
At Hignetts, horse farm,
I’m brushing my pal Teddy,
Inside the old white barn.

I realized my fear was still there,
Waiting to attack again,
But I learned with courage,
I can lock it up again.

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