Missing You

January 12, 2008
When you could no longer feel
the cool earth beneath you,
you rose through the dark velvet air,
closer and closer to what we once called stars.
With me beside you, just within reach,
your eyes gently closed,
and the stars only brightened,
radiating hope in their soft song.
Inside, what you felt
was not your heart breaking after all.
Your heart was bursting open,
liberating the burden of memories
that you hadn’t allowed yourself to remember all this time.
Your tranquil body and mind
were carried on the icy wind
deeper, deeper into the cosmos,
weaving between galaxies
and long forgotten tales
that whispered to you,
don’t let her forget.

Missing you that night,
I knew the sun might not rise the next morning
or the morning after that.
Two by two, the stars were blotted out,
until there was one pair left in solitude
up in the inky sky.
And it was just then
that I though I remembered
the name of the constellation.

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