An Open Road

December 6, 2012
Even though I'm not the driver
As I travel west as I see my past go farther and farther,
I can see each memory start out vivid
Then fade as if I've never lived it,
With every other mile
I see Another face-another false smile,
But none of them stay in the review mirror very long
It's like so realistic how they come back to mind then just go-
Almost like a déjà vu
Ha, actually it's a bit like you,
But we won't go there
And how you came into my life and left on the wings of the air.
As I pass another building
I can feel my hope rising
A new start in A new city-
And a new me,
None of the old people or places
Not one of the familiar faces
Just me and this unfamiliar spot in the world-
Me and an open road.

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