Speaking my Mind

January 30, 2008
By Charles Digsby jr, Waterbury, CT

I am who I am
And that’s who I’ll be
I’ll speak my mind
And I’ll never be sorry

I need to shape up
But then the world does too
All these countries and cities
Are no different from the zoo

The ghetto life style is quite overdone
I don’t understand how some see it as fun
To me that life is defined by the gun
If you have one your safe, if you don’t then you’re done

Sometimes it seems sad, life’s second law
You never find a human without flaw
It sickens me so to see what we’ve done
To this world we’ve destroyed when we only have one

You may not like what I’ve said
You may say it’s not true
To some what I’ve said may just seem strange
Others may say I’m just young or deranged

I truly don’t care
It means nothing to me
Some are just fools too thickheaded to agree
And to them I say remember one thing

I am who I am
Maybe I am insane
And I’ll still speak my mind
And never be ashamed

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