I Am From...

December 6, 2012
I am from Tracy Torres.
Hardworking and a survivor.
I am from a time with careless kids and minors.
From cold weather and yummy chili.
From a town with goofy friends who love to be silly.
I am from music that gives me a meaning,
from the sister who nonstops singing.
I am from Geneva, who did everything she could.
From a person who never asked for help,
even when she should.
Don't look through me.
Look inside, then you'll discover what you can find.

I am from hurt and broken glass,
and souls that will never be relaxed.
From tired and wearyness.
From sometimes a family's carelessness.
I am from "i imagine" or "suck it up, soldier",
to always be tough and built like a bolder.
I am from not only the good, but the bad.
From things that shaped me like my community.
From drugs and gun shots,
violence in the streets,
phedaphiles and creeps.
I am from loss and forgetfulness,
and people i miss.
But mostly i am from forgiveness, beautiful hope and wishes.

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