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Popularity Contest

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Popularity contest.
Who's the prettiest little girl?
Popularity contest,
Who's the strongest little boy?
A life we'd like to fill with joy.
But only the best
For our little world.

It seems you, my love,
Have done quite well.
But I'm not sure your name.
So I'll have you say it twice
And maybe once again.
Your talents could work here,
But I'm not familiar your face.
Such an outcast—You could disgrace!

Now this young dane,
Adequately well.
But I could point out her face
In a 1,000,000 count crowd!
I've seen her many times,
Heard her speak many rhymes,
She will stand right here!
She just won't be very loud…

And this gentleman here!
A fine brother he has,
Not the same genetics though,
As he moves quite awkwardly,
And sounds very flat.
But won't it be cute?
A sibling duet?
They'll just be liked more,
Don't you forget!

Nobody knows you!
You won't fit in here!
Never your name
Are they going to cheer.
Silly girl,
You amuse me.
Showing your face in this room.
Wipe that hope from your brain,
This will be over quite soon.

Look how you've embarrassed yourself
In front of all your popular friends.
How will you talk to them now?
Ever show your face again!?
I hope I have reached out to you,
To put your suffering to an end.

You just aren't cut out
For this well-known
Sort of life…
Casting someone as unknown as you,
In our elite group of Everyone Knows Who,
With our reputation—
It just wouldn't be right!

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