Alone: Based on "Deep In Earth"

December 6, 2012
By Aepherion SILVER, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Aepherion SILVER, Bowling Green, Kentucky
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Deep in earth my love is lying,
And I must weep alone.
I feel as if I am dying
And can't find my way home.

Radiant was my maiden dearest,
Yet she's languished alone.
Effulgence leaves with fitful rest
In dreams unseen, unknown.

Heartache engulfs my whole being
In agony, alone.
Fragments still leave me in reeling;
My heart un-patched, un-sewn.

Wish I slumber in the never
To never be alone;
Sleeping with my love forever
Without breath's monotone.

Deep in earth my love is lying,
Leaving me here, alone.
Fore'er here I shall lie, dying
To find my wayward home.

The author's comments:
When reading Poe's incomplete poem "Deep In Earth", I felt so touched and inspired. They were two of the most powerful lines I had ever read in poetry. This is my imagining of his poem; it is not plagiarism.

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