February 2, 2008
By Eden Assefa, Philadelphia, PA

Those that have stayed true,
And has never let anyone break through.

Who have endured the pain,
And who reflect the shame.

It seems we don't credit,
All of those embedded,

In this nation,
For once let the temptation,

Reveal itself, so we can let it shine,
Before we have no time,

And let those down,
Who were forced to leave our town

Let the people once again,
Become our friend,

And let us protect their strength,
With great length,

Even if they have done wrong,
Who are we to criticize their song?

For once let them pardon us,
With freedom and just.

Let them have chemistry,
So lets pardon them with amnesty,

Because as a nation where are to protect those,
But if not, then their death is under our nose.

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