Looking Terrified

February 4, 2008
By tian ma, Weston, FL

Looking as terrified as he saw the Demon,
Walking at back, he stared at a grave, his grandfather, and cried.
He awoke from the nightmare…
The nightmare about his experiences at Auschwitz, are too frequently,
He can’t stand it anymore,
The fear on his face,
The deadly terrified feeling in his mind,
Nazis is like demon,
it ate his poor soul.
Inside of him, is no longer filled with the peace and happiness,
He is one the survivor of the German Holocaust,
Surely, he is alive,
But, only physically,
Inside of him, he is no longer alive,
He is a dead man.
He want to ran away from pain, and terror,
But, he can’t,
It’s his fate,
The rain start drizzling outside, and the began to pour,
Lighting stomped the soil, and thunder roared.

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