Ghosts of Summers Past

December 8, 2012
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In the still of the silence you can hear,
The ghosts of the couples of summers near.
The farmers daughter, a girl of exquisite beauty
Fell in love with a rich boy who had many a civic duty.

Her father was cross and his was much worse
How could they ever overcome this heartbreaking curse?
They would run away, that’s what they decided
Where duty didn’t exist and heart wouldn’t be divided.

In the winters they stayed together and warm,
Until the summers came and a house began to form.
A boy and a girl hidden from all signs of life,
Where they had no worries, no fret, and no strife.

When the years had past, and people began to wonder
And the farmer and the man began to craze and ponder,
They met with the king who had a very secret plan
To kill them both and banish them if they ran

So they set out one night into the thicket and fog
Until they came across a house that sat across the bog
The boy tried to fight but in the end had no power
He was sentenced to the gallows and the girl left with no dower

She screamed and she begged but nothing could be done
They took him away and the girl began to run
She used all her breath but in the end it was to late
The boy was dead and now she would accept her fate

She went to the bog and into the water she crept
Sentenced by heartbreak, she entered the depth
Her lungs burned, her head spun, but she knew this was right
She died heartbroken in that bog, on that warm summers night.

So if you listen closely you will find
The ghosts of two lovers who were sweet and kind
They did nothing wrong but they were punished and in pain
So ghosts of summers past they will always remain

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