I will mss you

July 24, 2008
How the year fly by
when you`re having fun
being with your friends
on the beach, in the sun

The work was hard
but I guess it paid off
and just look at us now
ready to take off

Its been fun years
filled with many emotions
but the love we hold for each other
could span many oceans

I remember back
to that very first year
you took my hand
and I no longer felt fear

All through these years
you`ve been there for me
and it scares me that its you
I`ll no longer see

I`m off to something
exciting and new
but I`m afraid to
be doing it without you

You, my friend
who has always been there
where will you be?
the though i cannot bear

But you`ll be starting
your own adventure too
who knows what that is
other than something new

And when we graduate
and hug and cry
know that I will miss you
and that it hurts to say

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