Bad Vision

December 5, 2012
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being blind
i don’t mean actually blind
but more like...visually impaired
impaired so much that people twice my age cringe at my prescription
waking up i can’t see
visions so blurred, before i crawl out of bed i fumble for my frames
once on, i can pull myself together
that's pretty easy until
the makeup
sitt’in two inches from the mirror to see my own face
you can’t do your eyes with glasses in the way
once that’s done i can switch to the contacts
but they’re not much better
sure i can see, but the bill they come with ain’t cheap
and going to the pool? the beach?
forget it
one mistimed wave and you’re a goner
the water washing away your ability to see
if your eyes decide to change
its back to the doctors
and that’s no quick procedure
it takes over an hour to even see an MD
techs and receptionists shuffle you around
hoping for you to make a purchase
but i’m not
and once you're in
its the age old ‘please read the largest line you can see on the chart’ test
and that's one test i know i won’t pass
because i stand there and say e?
that's right e, question mark, because i can’t actually see the e
i see a blurry mess where i know an e should be, but its not
and the doctor says, you really do have bad vision don’t you?
so i stand there stricken by the absurdity of the situation
if they’d bothered to read my file i’m sure they could see my prescription isn’t one for the fainthearted
but they didn’t
so instead i stand and nod
i do have bad vision, don’t i?

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