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December 5, 2012
Since the day I was seven
I was in no heaven
The pain i was in
Should have been a sin
With the parents who beat me
No one could really see
That I was slowly dying
When I should have been flying
Had to grow up so fast
Because of my past
So painfully and emotionally
and hopelessly and sadly
waiting to fly like love
Still looking for the love

Constantly moving around
Is the life of a foster child
The birth parents have no care
In what happens to you
The anger an hurt
Towards the ones who gave birth
They were suppose to love me
They were suppose to care for me
But instead, I watched my dad drinking his life away
And my mom trying to commit suicide
My life hasn't been great, don't get me wrong
But I have been much better off
Constantly moving around

A foster child
Has no family
No smile nor laugh
We it alone
Waiting for love
Empty feelings
Living honest lies
Never secure
Hurting everyday
Tear smeared faces
We will always
Crave for love

I'm sure you've all seen it
A parents love for their child
All cuddly an warm
Love as bright as the sun
But for me
Being an accident
The love was absent
I was left alone
A shadow to the world
Now that you know
The reason why I'm me
Its because in my world
Love doesn't exist
Only pain

Because I've been looking for love
So i can fly like a dove
I'm very sad and hopeless
So painfully emotionless
Because of my past
I had to grow up so fast
When I should have been flying
I was constantly crying
For them to really see
What they had done to me
It should have been a sin
The pain I was in
I have been in no heaven
Since the day i was seven

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