The Horror

December 5, 2012
By Akila94 BRONZE, South Brunswick Township, New Jersey
Akila94 BRONZE, South Brunswick Township, New Jersey
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I felt the terror encase me
I let myself succumb to the cold
The numbness left me feeling hollow
My flesh only supported by brittle bones
My heart beat sounded like drums in my ears
Blocking out the world, only my eyes were witness to the horror

Vines encased my body, making me a prey to the horror
They constricted and contorted in a twisted dance in front of me
Squeezing my flesh causing a river of crimson to flow from my ears
Yet even the crimson river with its heat couldn't protect me from the cold
A new sound echoed my flesh shook like a bag filled with bones
Suddenly the vines vanished and the echo of my scream left the air feeling hollow

I felt nothing, what was once a place for my psyche is now just hollow
Nothing fazes me anymore, not even the story of my horror
Things break every second; one day that thing will be my bones
I'm not scared of death, I just hope when I go Death will recognize me
After all, I've tried to kill this body so many times that my bones have become the cold
I have no use for hearing; there is nothing worth hearing, with a blade I cut off the rest of my ears

My bloody hands became my helpers; they shredded my arms and legs, I don’t hear my screams, I had no ears
Behind me like dead leaves I saw my castle crumble, leaving a space of hollow
Yet I couldn't escape, they returned dragging this hunk of flesh deeper into the cold
They came closer, my own inner demons, and my own personal horror
Screaming I held onto my castle of dust hoping it would protect me
But I saw my death in the returning vines, vultures started to pick at my bones

I felt an ache deep within me that came from deep inside my bones
A shred of life still remained frantically screaming to be heard, but I had no ears
I felt myself pray to the gods, old and new, but no one came to save me
My clothes were torn off leaving me hollow
It was a never ending cycle of pain, yet every single time it was always a new face of horror
I shook and shivered but there was no warmth to be found, only my flesh torn and cold

I tried to think of someplace warm but the penetrating icicles kept pulling me back into the cold
I started to hear cracks, at first I thought it was an earthquake but I soon realized it was just my bones
I knew then it was my time to leave and I wished with all my will to escape this horror
I stared numbly at the twisted carnage of flesh that was once my ears
Almost dead I didn't feel anything at seeing them, I only felt numb and hollow
I was ready to leave this apocalyptic world behind me

My bones started to turn to dust and joined the tangle of flesh that was once my ears
The cold was seeping even deeper now; it had reached my mind leaving me hollow
I am ready, I am ready now for Death to replace this horror filled world and take me.

The author's comments:
This type of poem is called a Sestina. A Sestina consists of thirty-nine lines — six stanzas of six lines each with a three-line concluding stanza.The feature that distinguishes the sestina is that the words which end the lines in the first stanza are repeated as the end words for the second stanza and so on in a fixed pattern for the rest of the stanzas,except the last one; the seventh stanza has the same six words appear but is only three lines, so two words go in each line.

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