what counts.

December 5, 2012
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its a award winning novel that no one reads. the beautiful rock no one notices, the single tear wasted on what we had. its that one grate thing i wish i had. its like the guy who says your there one and they dont even remember your name. its the life we once shared...like that cold frosted morning by the sea, the wind in my hair, feeling your hand on my cheek, right before or lips would meet. now that your gone we try our best to get along, knowing what we once had is now gone. not knowing what our futurs hold, knowing that our past is gone, knowing what we once had was love, is hard to think about, but maybe we could try again, because your blue eyes keep me from moving on. what we had is gone but what we have is still hear. new begginings arint for everyone, we deserve one though because we cant change our past togather. its part of or story. we cant change the futuer either, only stear it in the path we choose and hope we dont get lost on the way. so lets stear our futuer togather intill the coulid and combin. i love you even though what we had is gone its what we have now that counts... <3

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