Time Is Money

November 27, 2012
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A test of will,
A test of time
Of patience, weak decaying minds.
To try and see how long I can hold up,
While still trying not to interrupt,
My monochrome, robotic,
Daily grind.
To pay the bills I sold my time,
And body, stagnant labor, years of wasted life.
And constant, constant, deadlines.
Due dates building stress until we break,
In pain.
And time is money, time is money,
So I guess that killing time
Must be the worst of frugal crimes.
And as punishment for not doing just enough,
We're left out on the streets,
Still trying to get by,
Support our families.
But this world could care less about a cog missing a spoke.
We're replaceable,
Interchangeable in nature and
Manufactured all the same.
To be used as long as needed,
Then replaced like we were never even there.

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