More Than a Dream

November 18, 2007
By Amanda Neil, Round Rock, TX

Walking in the mists
As shadows follow me
Wondering where I am
And where I need to be
The sun has hid it’s light
Because the day is gone
I sit in fear of dark
Where are you, dawn?
Sounds creep slowly forward
Keeping me in fear
Oh, I wish! I wish!
I was anywhere but here

Gasping I sit up
And look around my room
This place where I feel safe
Yet today I felt doom
Darkness edged in corners
Searching left and right
To keep me all alone
Far away from light
They took me on their travels
To where they live and reign
Parties, dinners, all of sin
Now I lay in shame

My eyes do not remember
My tongue has lost it’s feel
But the shame will not leave
On me its left it’s seal
Hot tears flow down my cheeks
When someone touches my arm
Don’t worry, child. He says
I’ll keep you safe from harm
This man sits next to me
And wipes my tears away
Softly he begins to speak
Telling me of my day

Child you traveled the world
With not the best of friends
They mocked and tricked everyone
Lying for no end
Distorting what is beautiful
Is what they like the best
Giving out twisted truth
Is their favorite test
Changing every pathway
Or turning you around
They do not really care
When you’re not Heaven bound

But sir, I interrupted
They will not leave me be
I’ve tried to run away before
Yet still they hold onto to me
I cannot escape their grasp
They’re with me all the time
I’d do anything to leave them
The tallest mountain I’d climb
But it does not matter
What I do at all
Because no matter what
Every time I fall

He listened to my ravings
Then slowly He replied
Child, I can help you
If only you decide
For years I have been waiting
For you to call on me
Cry for God to help you
And I will set you free
The demons will disappear
When you start to pray
But I will never leave you
My words will never pass away

The world began to fade
As my knees hit the floor
I felt something inside of me
I had never felt before
It was peace to face the dark
It was the man I had met
He had come to live in me
When I’d cried to God, I’ll never forget
As the dawn rose in the air
I knew it was what it seemed
In my heart I knew
It was more than a dream

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