Why Her

November 18, 2007
By juliana asiimwe, Mombasa, ZZ

I yell,
Like I’ve yelled a million times before
You’ve just met her
And again
You have no time for me anymore

Why not me this time
I whisper,
Suddenly close to tears
We not me
The only one
Who’s loved all these years?

And still you’re silent
Its seems you care not
To respond
To the vicious But true
Allegations of how I’ve been
Yet again

Why must you run after her?
I say crying stupidly
It’s not fair
That you’ll run a mile for her
Which is a million miles
Past me

I plead now, shaking uncontrollable
At lest,
For once
Just try
And notice me

I know I’m not like her
I say, knowing its all true
I’m not as pretty or tall, or cool
But I do have a heart
And it beats
Just for you.

Still you’re silent
Ever so silent
When I’ve given my heart to you
Its only then
When I turn around
That I notice that you-

You’ve gone again
Abandoned your friend
To be with her once more
You stepped on my heart
Which fell apart
This fourth time I watched you go.

And so I quiet down
Comforting myself to sleep
Knowing one day you’ll break up
Quickly find another
(Who isn’t me)
But always
It will be my heart you keep.

Even if you keep it only to break it again
And again
And again …….

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