That Darn Swing

November 18, 2007
I left my heart back on that swing
that swing where you said goodbye to me
that swing i once loved
but now can't bare to see

you just waltzed off
glad to be rid of me
i half smiled
what a great friend you would be

then when i saw you
my heart only broke
you were laughing,
not even to a joke.

I hate that darn swing
and the life i left behind
i want to be your friend
but i cant when pushed away.

I hate that darn swing
and the thoughts i gave to you
now as i walk off
my heart calls for you

life has gone on.
my heart has slowly healed
yet when i see you...

i hate that darn swing!
and the things i loved about you
i felt like i knew you,
more than you knew me.

so prove me wrong
come and talk to me
prove me wrong
say that you love me...
prove me wrong

and let me love that darn swing.

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