Hidden Scars

November 17, 2007
By niamh keatings, Belfast, ZZ

She prayed so hard for someone,
to take it all away,
Even a bit of the hell, she lived through every day,
Torn up inside with all the lying,
Day by day she was slowly dying
She felt like everyday,
The pain inside had grown
No-one could really help her,
She stood empty and alone,
Look on the inside and see what's wrong,
Another road that's been too long

At first she prayed to God,
But just gave up trying,
One more thing to take on board,
No-one heard her crying,
She looked at her parents tears filling her eyes,
She said 'Im fine,' just added to the lies
She felt like no-one could really care,
there was her heart exposed and bare,
Each night she dreaded the waiting storm,
She questioned why she was even born
She wanted the ground to swallow her whole,
her heart turning as black as coal,
Even when it ended, she saw it at night,
It still hurts though the pain's out of sight

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