A Silent Conversation

November 17, 2007
By niamh keatings, Belfast, ZZ

Find that one person,
your escape from the world,
the person that makes you concentrate,
on their every word,
Maybe it's not worth the risk,
or all the needless crying,
maybe it's not real at all,
all those people are lying,
but then one word, a secret smile,
and all the pain is worth the while,
i can see you smile now,
and im rooted to the ground,
another conversation,
without a single sound,
wishing for a fairytale,
praying it comes true,
knowing all the while,
i can never have you,
take my hand so i can finally belong,
make me forget everything that went wrong,
and i pray one day you'll finally see,
I wished everyday that you'd love me

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