November 17, 2007
By niamh keatings, Belfast, ZZ

the nights are geting longer,
you're fading into air,
maybe you're perfection,
but maybe i don't care,
hide me from the world,
its alright if they stare,
thinking of the things,
i used to hear you say,
you always made me smile,
like you might have today,
i really need you now,
i need to feel that smile,
i need to feel your breath,
every step feels like a mile,
but i hardly know you now,
it'll never be the same,
maybe you'd wipe my tears,
or say i wasn't to blame,
take my hand so i can breathe,
without the fear you're going to leave,
running miles to no-where,something just for me, i can see the sunshine, but there's nothing left of me

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