Her Life

November 14, 2007
By Maggie Lindland, Edgartown, MA

Standing in the rain
Your life is in a puddle
Holding in the pain
Thinking why things have to go this insane
Life whips you in the face
With a huge mistake
It may take your courage away
But it will always give it back someday
Looking down deeper into the earth
Wanting to find things
That will make you have wings
Falling flat on your face
Because of messed up fate
Twists and turns
Breaks and burns
Tears and cries
Lies and strives
I tell a story of a girl
Who’s dreams are in a swirl
Who’s wishes may not make sense
She’s in a place where know one believes in her
Her friends aren’t always the cure
But in her mind
She has something who is kind
She may not be sure
But she always has her

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