Good Life

November 8, 2007
By Brandy Hill, Pittsburgh, PA

I am an undefined set of numbers
the salt of the earth
the light of the world
darkened by ancestral nature.
I believe in the stars and beyond the stars.
I enjoy nothing more than simplicity.
my skin is dark and soft because I like it that way.
My smile is great when I choose to show it.
I want to learn new things everyday.
but I’ll only live to learn enough
I want to love.
I am justified by the only living word.
My definition of perfect changes with everything I encounter.
I dangerously enjoy food and could sleep forever.
I’m in love with so many things that love is an
indefinite feeling.
My definition of paradise
would be music
vitamin water
some personal poetry
my bible
the supple wind and the sun
and life is so great
because it has just begun.

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