Wall Ball

November 6, 2007
By Laura Reichardt, Dillon, CO

When I was young,
We played wall-ball.
Rubber ball flung,
Kept us in thrall.

Ball bounced among
Us 'til we fell,
'Til we heard "CLUNNNNGG"--
A rung school bell.

It ain't like that here now, not anymore,
Can't accept the wall for what it's there for.
No more runnin' to be first in the door
We gotta start both'rin to keep up the score.

Life ain't so easy here now, life ain't so grand.
'Cuz we dunno what the hell life done and planned.
We fear for tomorrow; r'member the past.
We gotta figure it out, 'cuz brick don't last.
Everythin' matters, ain't no simple pleasures.
We at that awkward stage, ain't got our measure.

There's rents on one side o' us
Teachers yankin' on t'other
A planet long list of "musts"
And demandin' li'l brothers.

No goin' back there now,
When worry was a ball.
Ain't no one here know how
To stop our foward fall

If we're still movin' up
We might as well try
Knock'n that damn wall down
Hope afore we die.

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