November 6, 2007
By Laura Reichardt, Dillon, CO

They aren't hard to find.
No need for a time machine,
A body quick, a body lean,
No need for a quick mind.

Not the borders drawn on a map
Or the brick of a tangible wall.
Not the lines of Man the Creator--
These are etheral man-made traps.

Missed--the borders between truth,
Fiction, St. Elmoe's Fire,
Holy ghosts, coloured opinion,
Wise--the seer in sooth.

Missed--the line between earth,
Sky, a tenuous cellophane,
A shimmer invisible to the eye.
(But no less important, for its thinness).

Wise--the man who parts the veil
that holds back the birth of impossible.
The man who knows how to be bold,
The man who abandons the trail.

Only the man who has eyes of clarity,
He must be a man with an accepting mind,
With a body free of desire or lust--
Only he can make true vision cease to be a rarity.

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