You Always Said We Were Just Friends

November 6, 2007
By Ann Burns, Bossier City, LA

you always said we were just friends
like the rims and your glasses lens
close, but there was a line we couldn’t cross
a line that was defiantly your loss

you played your games and set me up for defeat
you thought winning this would make you complete
but now im back and you can’t win now
and now, to you, I disavow

you did your dirty tricks and deeds
you were like a baby with thousands of needs
wanting me to be with you and wanting me to care
caring was the least I could do, I was always there

I stayed by your side and cried for you every night
wishing on every star that we were really right
for each other

picking out the baby names in my dreams
everything was perfect, so it seemed
nieve and not knowing you would break my heart
not realizing that it was almost the worst part

so you betrayed me one, two, three
it wasn’t the magic number cant you see
between each one was me
dying for you to release me free

im miserable and it’s because of you
I thought maybe this time you would be true
im stuck with a disease and it’s all your fault
you handed me with love, an emotional assault

with this disease I think of you everyday
and I look at myself with dismay
I was so tangled up in your words alone
and your looks killed me, more than you know

Christmas, valentines, and august thirty first
were all to the extreme, sentimentally cursed
but now I look at them like a walk on cloud nine
knowing that once you were really mine

it’s not like I claim you or acknowledge your life
it’s not as if I was ever going to be your wife
it’s more like I think of you every second of the day
and I hope that god hears this, I pray

"thanks for those three words I still haven’t heard
thanks for the fact that im not lost in his words
thanks for taking my heart out of his hands
out of his intolerable demands
thanks for your love, stronger than his
thanks for letting me beat his little quiz
and thanks letting him move away so you’ll guarantee
ill finally find the one who’s meant for me"

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