The Question Commonly Asked

November 5, 2007
By Timothy Williamson, Fraser, MI

The question commonly asked
By people everywhere
Is, "Why did God put me here
Where no one really cares?"

They say there's a reason for everything
That happens in our lives,
But what about the homeless kids
And all the abused wives?

And what about the hunger
That kills thousands everyday?
The people who can't afford to eat
Slowly fade away.

Then there are the many kids
That suffer from birth defects,
Some are caused by drinking moms
Who lost their self-respect.

But we often miss the real issues,
Like what happens to someone else
And we only have the selfish thoughts
To dwell upon ourselves.

"Why does my life have problems?"
"Why is it always me?"
"Why does God torture me?"
"Why won't he let me be?"

"When do I get my break
From this messed up life?"
"What if I just make it stop
From cuts with kitchen knives?"

"Would anybody notice?"
"Would anybody care?"
"Would anybody give a s***
If I just wasn't there?"

These questions get asked everyday
By people without hope;
That's why we go to drugs
And alcohol to cope.

Depression is a killer
That can attack anyone;
The most successful man on Earth
Can lose sight of the sun.

It eats at your existance,
It rips appart your soul,
It kills off all your happiness;
And restrains you from feeling whole.

In all actuality,
All of us are the same;
We've all made some big mistakes
That cause us to feel shame.

We all act like the victim
Like we shouldn't even try,
Like no one ever feels like we do
When tears run from our eyes.

Don't complain, just suck it up,
And live life fun and free
Beacause regardless of what we think or feel
Others will always see.

Other people care about us
No matter who we are;
Which is why they try to help us
When we take things way too far.

When it comes to the purpose
Of why God gave us breath;
It could just be to help someone
From jumping to their death.

If we learn from our problems,
Use them to help; to do what we should do
Then maybe when you lead
Others will do it too.

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