A Girl and Her Mom

November 2, 2007
By Erica Sanford, Kalispell, MT

A girl and her mother, sharing a hug n an airport,
The last for a while.
She puts on a big smile, but she is flooded with emotions -
Happiness because she is in her mothers arms,
Sadness because this is the last time she
Will be able to hug her for a year.
Soon she will back in Montana with her dad
And back to talking to her mom on Sundays,
She wishes everything was still the way it was
When she as younger
Before the unthinkable happened.
She wishes the hug never had to end,
That she could stay in her mothers arms forever,
Free from worry and harm,
But as her mother let go and they said goodbye,
She realized she was back in the real world now.
All she had when she got on the plane,
Leaving her mom in the airport
Was herself – no one to hold, no one to care about her.

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