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November 25, 2012
I am a rock wall
Nothing can break me.
No hammer, No pickaxe,
I'm strong, can't you see?

You can not climb o'er me,
Nor round me, nor under,
No explosions can crack me,
or take me asunder.

You cannot just shift me
Out of your way.
No power can shake me,
My stone, here, shall stay.

There is but one item
That can, now, get through.
It's simple yet powerful,
But common, it's true.

This item is water,
From ocean, or sea.
It can, given time,
Overcome me.

This thing, bit by bit,
Can erode me to ash.
My ancient rock wall
That others can't smash.

When all stone is ash,
My heart will be ready.
But only if time is used;
water flow steady.

I am a rock wall.
I am solid stone.
But with time; simplicity,
You can break me.

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