The Destination

October 18, 2007
By Daniel Schoenberg Schoenberg, Davie, FL

The destination of one’s soul,
The destination of the whole,
The destination of all cars,
The destination to planet Mars,

Life can take you anywhere,
It can take you here and there,
But do you know why? And where?
A real reason is always there.

How do you know where you are?
How do you know where you stray too far?
Life’s door is open,
But only just a jar.

Try to squeeze through the crack,
Avoid the pains and deadly attacks,
When you reach the next door,
Life is a snore.

You are no longer a child, nor adult,
You are old, nothing is you’re fault,
You went through pain,
Some of us especially; in the game.

Life goes on,
and then it dies.
Filled with love, pain, darkness, and lies,
But that’s life, the ultimate destination.

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