October 18, 2007
What’s more to life than these feelings I bare?
These shallow people who eat away
At my life, my hopes, and my dreams
Nothing about me matters to them
Consistent torture on my mind, and my heart
There’s only so much one person can take
What if I jump, what if I break?

Plans for my future are wasted on
Empty promises of “I love you” or “It’ll be OK”
Trust in my world is like
Falling back on a pile of needles:
No one’s there to catch you
I’m closer to the edge now, about to fall
And you thought I was the one who had it all

Let this be a lesson to you
Nothing about me was what it seemed
You have to look underneath the smiles
And all the false pretenses
I’d like to blame you, it would be so easy
But who’s really to blame? Anyone could’ve
Saved Me

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