Why Does Life Have to Turn So Fast?

September 30, 2007
By Katie Reinstatler, West Carrollton, OH

Why does life have to turn so fast?
Into obstacles and into fate
Never knowing what will come
But still carrying on
Even through all the pain
And the hatred that is to come

Another dark night comes too quickly
Time moves on too fast
And before we know it our lives are over
We barely have a chance to really live

What comes of hatred when there is no love?
What comes of time if there is no stopping,
To think about what’s happened and what will come in the future?

If we let go of the past completely
Then how can we remember
Our mistakes
And our failures

If we do not remember
Then what use will our mistakes be
There to teach us,
Only to forget the lesson?
What use could that possibly bring?

Living only to die
Remembering only to forget
What is forgotten was once remembered
What once was remembered now is forgotten
Opposites turn into each other
And life races on
It refuses to stop

But time will never wait
And life will grow cold
Forgetting completely what the true meaning of living is

To love and be loved in return
To trust forever
To be the best person possible
And to live life completely

But if we are to forget our mistakes
We can never achieve these goals
And in doing so…

We forget where we came from
What we have done
And who we truly are.

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