Wandering Through Life

October 11, 2007
By Angela Hu, Surrey, ZZ

Wandering through life
Where to go, not here, not there
Do you fit in anywhere?
It seems like everywhere you turn
There a new surprise waiting for you
Maybe a bad grade or two
Or the loss of a loved one
And just when you think all is lost
Things change for the better and everything gets a new toss

Maybe everything doesn’t seem so bad

Who knew that the grass could be so soft and soothing?
Or that a good book could be so enticing?
Everything seems so pleasant now
Was it just a few months ago that you were so sad?
And towards the world you were so mad?

Life is full of twists and turns
But we survive, and continue on
The journey through life is very long
But we come back stronger than ever, and smile through it all.

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