Tears Tears Tears

September 28, 2007
By cristy lovingood, Mooresville, NC

Tear's tear's tear's
they run down your face as it try's to clear. No one can figure out why you cry,But i know why. It is because there is to many people to please. But in return all they do is tease. It's the teahcers the kids at school or home lifes style.

You never know how many more miles.
It's upsetting it's the why dont you understand or your to skinny or your to fat and the why can't you do anything right,And believe me you try to put up a fight,but they walk all over as if your not even there. Then some where inside you finally break down and tair.
so you think why are they that way? Why can't everyone get along why can't everything be ok? But honestly is ever going to change? Your tempature goes form low to a high range. Your feeling so much pain,And then you get ok and you decide to take a differnt path go down a differnt lane.

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