Just Like the Leaf

September 27, 2007
I look at you,
And I fall.
I think of you,
And I know I’ve fallen.

Just like the leaf on a tree up north.
A cool wind blows- I get the shivers.
The stem of the leaf breaks- my limbs fail me.
That same breeze blows and the leaf is carried in the wind.
In the same way, I am carried by you, my heart weightless in the air from just the thought of you.
The leaf floats back and forth, drifting from right to left.
As does my heart; between hope and uncertainty.
The way I can stare at you all period thinking of the possibilities-loving the thought, but dreaming of more-the leaf loves the ride, but still cant wait to touch ground.
The wind whispers, but not to the leaf,
Like you; always talking, but never to me.
The leaf and turns, jumps and twirls.
It’s weird how you can do that to me…
My heart flips over and over from just the sight of you.
My stomach turns, twisting and knotting, knowing we cannot be.
My throat jumps, it yearns to speak, to converse with you.
My head twirls, spinning, rushing, unable to figure out your thoughts.
But like the end of all good things, the leaf meets the ground.
Gravity takes hold, and the flight is over for the leaf and me;
Reality’s unforgiving grip forces me to the ground.
You just don’t like me. You cant like me. I cannot be yours.
The leaf breaks, flakes, and crumbles on the ground under the foot of a pedestrian.
While you were my wind, bringing me wonderful thoughts of hope and happiness,
You are also the boot that breaks me; my thoughts obliterated into the abyss of dark loneliness.

The leave and I will learn to live alone- cold and broken on the floor.
The Leaf and I are the same;
We fell, we’ve fallen, but now we’re crushed.

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