Her Love of Garlic

November 12, 2012
Kelly McKay loved garlic
Garlic cupcakes, pumpkins and pickles
Whenever she tried to brush her teeth
She would fell and ungodly tickle

Her mother thought she had a problem
Her dad wanted her to quit
But once the smell hit her nose
She needed a garlic fix

Her classmates stayed away from her
Her teacher said she stunk
Kelly couldn't help the fact that
Her social status fell with a klunk

But she loved her garlic with a passion
Nothing could make her cease
As soon as she got home
She indulged in a garlic feast

Her boyfriend stopped kissing her
When she was out, folks steered clear
Most of the time she was thinking that
She wanted to disappear

There was one good point
Of her eating so much garlic
All the vampires of her town
Stayed away from her with a passion

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