August 10, 2008
By Katy HUneycutt, Locust, NC

Waking up day by day
Sacrificing the warmth where i lay
as my feet touch the floor
i witness my shadow by the door
a meak smile stained my face
my heart had began to race
i took a few steps, then turned back
looking for the courage that i lacked
as i headed out the door
i started thinking of something more
then set out for a short jog
but cuold barely see through all the fog
a dark figure caught my eye
it was trying not to be seen, so clever, so sly
fear spilled over me
who could it be?
my jog gradually broke into a run
i prayed that this would soon be done
but still the road curved along
and i began to wonder where i went wrong
this figure was haunting me
his words were taunting me
the fog started rising
in front of me sat a clear horizon
i glanced back to see what had followed my trail
and what i saw drilled into my heart like a nail
the figure that had taunted me
was also the past that haunted me
i picked myself up, and started home
with a smile on my face because i knew what had been following me all along

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