She is Gone

August 10, 2008
By Akalia Henriet, Kalkaska, MI

She is gone
A hole she once tried to fill with a random caring soul.
A few realized this and attempted to do just that.
All were repelled and pushed away except for two.

Those two succeeded and filled the gap that taunted her so.
That was until they realized how depressed she really was.
They left her in the dust, she was once again in that place.

Darkness, regrets and memories filled that place.
Darkness of shadows
Darkness of pain.

Regrets of the past.
Regrets of the present.
Regrets of the future to come.

Memories of the people she hurt.
Memories of the people who hurt her.
Memories of visions of people not effected by her daily squabbles of desperation.

You can find her crying alone in a dark corner somewhere.
You can find her staring at her medicine cabinet considering death.
You can find her with a knife and no blood, but just wait.

Someday, she says, she will get up the courage to try suicide.
Someday, she will make scars.
Someday, you won't be able to find her at all.

Her life was fine until she decided she wanted relationships.
Her family gave up on her when they saw what she had become.
Her friends left her for another.

Let me tell you all a little secret, I have kept until now.
Let me shed some light.
Let me share part of my past now.

She was a sad, little desperate mutt.
She was a sad mistake made by whatever creates us, humans.
She is and was me.

I am her.
I once had that hole and those regrets.
I once was that sad, little desperate mutt.

All she suffered, I suffered.
All that regret is mine.
All she did and hurt, I have to take care of now.

Call her a mistake, as I did.
Call her another personality.
Call her pain, go ahead.

But I've changed.
But I'm myself and she's herself.
But everyday I awake with a sigh.

I've taken steps to improve.
I've taken those steps two at a time.
I've become a seperate person.

This past will not become the future.
This person I was is gone, dead.
This is my past and nothing more.

Hopefully, she won't return.
Hopefully, she stays in that grave.
Hopefully, she is gone for good.

That was my story.
That was my tale.
This is the end of it...for now at least.

Goodbye my friends.

The author's comments:
This work is pretty much my only poem and I hope it will be appreciated.

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