August 10, 2008
By Hanedie Eliacin Mars, Orlando, FL

What is it exactly?
I won't put you
through another
love fest.

Make-up songs
Break-up songs
is all you hear
on the radio.

It's goes and
on. Love is good
Love is bad.

It hangs on,
lets go, twirls
you aroung till
you can't breathe
and picks you up

What makes us
hold on is him.

He holds you,
cares for you,
sometimes even
breathes for you.

Catches you,
pleases you,
doing what it
takes to hold
on to you.

He spreads light
around you
drowning you
in his love.

He's the one
you go to for
troubles, the
one who makes
you weak.

Makes you cry,
smile, laugh, pull
out your hair, and
yell at the top of
the world...

He promises not
to break you,
hels you clear
the dark spots.

He's the one,
he's the one.

Love is good, love
is bad, and on and
on and on.

The author's comments:
I didn't write a love poem in a long time so this is the first one. Beforehand, Love was all I wrote about but now I think of challenges that we face as humans. I learned to never give up on love.

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