August 10, 2008
By Shannon Keane, South Salem, NY

I have a question…

for all the boys who make girls suffer beyond their imagination:









Was it worth those moments

where you were just an ounce cooler

in front of your friends—if that?

Was it worth those moments

where you felt powerful

as you watched

or heard

us break down and cry?

Was it worth those moments

where you felt more masculine

just because you had a loaded reputation?

Was it worth those moments

where you were responsible

for the steady collapse of a poor girl's self esteem?

Was it worth those moments

where you were aware

of the mistakes you were making…

and it felt good?

And you don't even know…

And you don't even realize…

that you are the reason

why we sit up in bed late at night

and wonder—why?

And sadly for you

it isn't even for the reason you'd like to believe it is?

All you do.

All you say.

All you think.

What does it do?


Exposes your fear of commitment

Advertises your lack of respect

Increases your immaturity

Vocalizes your hunger for power

Pushes us farther away

And after all that

was it worth

being able to say that you got around?

Was it worth knowing that no girl

thinks of you as anything but a monster?

Is it worth watching yourself become one?

And my final question:

Is it worth having to live with yourself

when you realize that you are beyond forgiveness?

The author's comments:
This is non-fiction in the sense that I see it every day.
I watch other people who deal with this every day, search through the people around me and expose the monsters--even if other people fail to see it.

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on Aug. 19 2008 at 10:24 pm
wow tht really touched me i almost cried . mainly because its true. my best friend was just going thru something like tht and is heart brocken. i moved all the way across the country 3 years ago and i cant be there for her now. it brakes my heart to hear her cry over the phone, and not be able to take her in my arms and console me wen u get this thnx

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