that which eludes you

August 10, 2008
teeth at your heels as the summer closes
there’s no water in the well
the divine scent of sweat and wet grass
but oh, to know this
a magic rush, the simple touch
tenacious like the ivy
climbing the spirals of crumbling red
keep me awake
with the iron grips of the devil
when I could feel your heartbeat
the days of perfect hues
the piercing greens and thundering blues
stumbling in the dark
fearless in anticipation
the feathery uncertainty
hesitating in the escape
stampeding footprints leaving milky
teardrops on the glass
like irremovable laughter
subscribed to preference
flagged and shared
the faithful confession
with nights like mirrors

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emily s. said...
Aug. 18, 2008 at 5:45 pm
i am blown away by this poem. could you tell me what inspired it, if anything?
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