I Know

August 10, 2008
By Zach Robinson, Fallbrook, CA

I Know
that there are children in Africa
struggling to survive, their stomachs so bare that they cry out in pain,
children who have lost that human want to survive,
children who have given up on the world because the world has given up on them.

I Know
that there are boy soldiers in Africa,
these soldiers are no older than you or me,
these soldiers have seen things I won't ever see,
these soldiers are wounded not only outside, but internally.

I Know
that there is a baby girl in Africa dying right now,
she is so starved that her skin is stretched tightly around her ribs,
she cries and screams for food,
but no one ever listens.

How can we listen when we can't hear?
How can we learn when there is no teacher?

I Know
that there are refugee camps swollen with people in Africa,
living in environments so disgusting, so repulsive, so nauseating,
but they try to survive, they try to fight starvation, dehydration, HIV

The author's comments:
I wrote this spoken word piece (type of poetry) during our Africa unit at school.

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