Over Vacation

August 10, 2008
By Emily Murgo, Burlington, MA

I was cleaning for most of vacation,
My room had to meet expectations.
Finally on Sunday, it was time for some fun,
We all went to Kohl’s and the shopping begun.
We found beautiful dresses; white black and blue,
We also found some that mom would like too.
I tried on the dresses, one after another,
“They all fit quite well,” agreed my sister and mother.
They were all very pretty, I had to admit,
I looked stylish and cool, and the dresses all fit.
“Ugh! This is so hard, why can’t I have all?”
“This isn’t a shopping spree, save those for the mall.”
So of course, in the end, I had to pick one,
I hate when mom’s wallet ruins my fun!

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