Should I tell YOU?

August 10, 2008
Should I tell you that every time,
That I’m around you I fall for you.
I fall so deep, and still have not waken,
But that’s only your eye’s doing.

But when I’m around, your whole self,
I fall so fast in a dream that I wish was true,
Then, when I see how you act around me,
I tell myself that just maybe it is the truth.

Not many know that I like you, you don’t even,
I want to tell you all this stuff instead,
Of talking or in this case writing to myself,
As if it were to you, wow I’m weird.

See I guess I’m not as weird as I thought,
Cause after all I have fallen and can’t wake up,
So this is the dreams doing, it’s trying to reach you,
And tell you that I’ve fallen, hard.

I should tell you but, I can’t and you probably,
Won’t understand why I can’t say anything but,
That’s ok someday and probably soon I should,
Just so I can get it out but I still don’t know.

Telling you would be a big step but I could be,
Willing to take that step forward cause I’m not afraid,
Well I guess I can’t say that cause I am afraid.
Of what you might say but for you I could take that chance.

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lilanjelbear said...
Jan. 25, 2009 at 12:56 am
Hey look I wrote that poem lol there are many more where that came from
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