Flowing On

August 9, 2008
By Bailey Lohr, Maryville, TN

It's differnt here, not what I was expecting. Its like a river running.
The change happens like a water fall. When you're on top knowing you will soon drop, you feel it. The feeling of wanting to go some place new, but scared of missing, landing like mist only to be sucked into the ground not to be seen agian. But you can hit right land with people hwo will move you forward, everything changes people come and go like creeks running in and out of your little river. Soon you are pulled into one of the creaks leacing the river. Your future is unclear but you have to keep moving, finding your own way, hitting twists and turns. You make out into the ocean of maturity. You become mixed with more peole than you imagined there could be. There will be times you will rise up into a cloud seeing everything, being happy. Then things will change and start to way down your life. The problems grow. One day you bust and fall. You don't know know where you will land. Then you hit the bottom, you start to soak in thinking you won't come out, but as you grow deeper you find a spring to change your mind. It pushes you forward pushing yuo out of the dark till one day you are free and on your way back to where you came. Life keeps going, whirling you around, pushing, pulling, and stretching you but it keeps moving and flowing.

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