Love and Hate

November 7, 2012
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Everyone says that they would prefer LOVE to be the strongest emotion. Do people realize when you want something it takes more then just hope or wishing. It takes time, patience and PRACTICE. But I see something that I do not think they see. The human race is a HATEFUL race. We as a species spread pain and despair everywhere we go. The world was a perfect fruitful place before humans came to be. And since we have arrived we have killed and destroyed things for fun and for sport. Humans think that if it doesn't hurt them then it is fine to kill. We don't do this purposely; it is just human nature to be greedy and forceful. We try to be friendly and nice to your neighbors, but you always end up hateful in one way or another. Neither Hate nor Love will ever be destroyed fully because where there is LOVE there is HATE, and where there is HATE there is always Love.

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