Metaphorically, of course...

August 9, 2008
By Caitlin Brazelton, Garland, TX

I will destroy you
I will set fire to your soul
Metaphorically, of course
Not through your brain or body
Does that leave a heart to divide?
Or spirit flesh to cut?
Or does this stress destroy your thoughts?
Setting fire to your dreams
I must want to entrap you, my love
And take you from your fame
My king
I must be the smell of death
To your noble nose
A peasant set to thieve your wealth
A lovely girl of little health
A child with no precious dowry
In love with his highness of pomp and salary
I will bring you to your death
I will thieve from you your breath
And set it all to flames
Cut me out like cancer
Hack at me everyday
Break the shell of my being
Turn me into a monument
Of a beast you overcame
Of a dragon you'd slain
I was a beast, a beast, a beast
To you
I was loathed, so loathed, was loathed by you
I was driven insane by you
So sweet metaphoric death

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