A Mirror of Nothing

November 6, 2012
Looking in mirror to find nothing to see
Nothing to hear
Nothing to be
I see the darkness fill the glass
Nothing to feel
Nothing, no mass
I touch the image of darkness 
Nothing becomes of me
Nothing but sadness
Feel the cold and bitter fear that fills my heart
Nothing sound
Nothing but tart 
What is there of me to find in my image of emptiness 
Nothing to see
Nothing, no happiness
So I watch the glass, to find it never to reflect 
Nothing find
Nothing to affect 
So i look away and feel free from darkness, for I am my image inside
Feeling something
Knowing the mirror lied
I now see who i really am in my mind
Proving myself
Starting to find
For the image I see in glass of nothing
It is not real
It does not sing
For am, i am something

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